TouchDAW on Chrome OS

TouchDAW has supported Chrome OS right from the first introduction of Android app support in late 2016. While things have become easier to handle over the years, this still is a special case and not all connectivity available on real Android devices will be usable. Here's what should and what will not work:
  • WiFi - should work in RTP mode, both with the app's local sessions being connected on the PC side as well as letting the app connect to remote peers. Note that TouchDAW only "sees" the Android container's virtual network interface. The IP address it reports in its session names will use the last octet of the internal network adapter (in most case that will be 10) and not the Chromebooks external public IP.
    Multicast connections will NOT work! (No detectable error occurs app-side, but no MIDI data will ever reach the external network).
  • Usb - class compliant MIDI interfaces should be fully supported. Chrome OS will also report "MIDI thru" ports under "Usb" which can be used to exchange MIDI with other Chrome apps. Beware, this can easily be misconfigured and result in feedback loops! Android's "Peripheral Port" / Client mode functionality will not be available. ADB will appear under Usb if Usb-Debugging is enabled in the Android settings, but Chromebooks only do ADB wirelessly in TCP-IP mode (which is not worth the hazzle here, just use RTP instead).
  • Bluetooth - Might or might not work. The Chromebook I have available does not seem to detect any Bluetooth LE MIDI devices, but that might be different with other Chrome devices. Will in any case require an extra app with location permission to do the scanning.
  • Virtual - this should be available without restrictions, but of course is happening fully inside the virtual Android environment.