Computer keyboard MIDI mapping

While working on Chrome OS integration, the Chromebook's keyboard kept sending subliminal messages, saying: "Hey, there's a lot of physical buttons here, why not make use of them?". So here's another new feature for the feature-closed app: Computer keys can now be used to trigger DAW actions or send user-definable MIDI. This primarily targets Chromebooks, but should work with Bluetooth or USB keyboards connected to normal Android devices alike.

Buried deep inside the app's settings (Setup / Global / UI & Interaction) there is a shortcut titled "Keyboard Map" that will open the editor shown below:

This will hopefully be self-explaining. Touch, click or type a key, then select the target: 'DAW' inserts a dropdown list that lets you pick HUI or Mackie Control commands. These will be send out through the app's first MIDI port. 'MIDI' shows a simple MIDI message editor. Commands will be send to the second port.

Like Mixer, Launchpad and Wear mappings, edits are written to the selected (or default) XML MIDI map. The MIDI command picker does not support SysEx, but you can directly edit the xml file if you need it. The in-app editor is at Setup / MIDI Utilities / XML Mapping.

Overall this is still pretty basic (no modifiers, increment / decrement modes etc.), but if it seems worthwhile then things may grow.