DAW Controller

The DAW Controller part of the app consists of a single screen on tablets (with some modifications available in portrait mode)

and is split accross three screens in the phone layout: Channelstrip, Mixer and Transport.

The Big Time screen strictly spoken is also part of the DAW Control functionality. It is available in both layout variants.

Follow the links or click the images for details on the resp. screens.

DAW Controller preferences

Settings at Setup / DAW Controller control the behavior of the app accross all the mentioned screens:
  • Sequencer:
    Switches between HUI (Pro Tools) and standard Mackie Control (all other DAWs) mode.
    Besides this on tablets the preference only changes the labels on buttons in the master area and some details regarding initialization sequences, while the app once connected keeps doing exactly the same regardless of the selected sequencer.
    For the phone layout this preference assigns particular functions to some buttons, as not all DAWs have locator, navigation, automation and some transport functions assigned to the same buttons on a hardware MCU. It also tells the app 'what to expect', as it will need to try to isolate single pieces of text information from the DAW's data stream (there are no full sized text displays on the main phone screen).

  • Detection:
    Makes TouchDAW activly send sysex identifiers until a connection is made and confirmed. This is mainly a convenience feature that can be helpful for automatic setups. Only some DAWs (Logic + Reason to some extend) actually listen for such data and the preference defaults to "off" for all DAWs except Logic. Once you are set up you may want to turn this off, because it may result in Logic automatically 'installing' additional control surfaces if the app is accidentially connected to a MIDI port that Logic has not seen any on before.

  • Emulation:
    If checked TouchDAW will identify itself as an XT unit when queried. Some DAWs insist on sysex exchange before activating a control surface. If you want to exactly replicate a hardware setup consisting of a MCU master unit with additional extenders, you can check this box on secondary instances. Not all DAWs work with multiple control surfaces and most that do, do not really care if secondary units are extenders or additional full featured versions.

  • Autobanking:
    Activates the "Alphatrack" option and will make the app try to follow track selections in the DAW even if the newly selected track is out of the range of the current control surface window. A single control surface unit usually covers 8 tracks and will only receive data from the DAW for those 8 tracks. If for example the control surface is sitting on channels 1 - 8 and you select channel 32 in the DAW, the control surface will not be informed about that. In the best case the DAW will 'unselect' all tracks in the current window. When 'Autobanking' is active, TouchDAW will try to 'find' the newly selected track after it realizes that all currently covered 8 tracks have been unselected. It does so by actively banking up all the way, then back down until it receives a note indicating the selected channel. This has some implications: First it may take a short while (the app needs to bank, then wait for a data update, eventually bank again, wait etc.), second it absolutely depends on both the DAW properly communicating track (de)selections as well as a properly working connection (a lot of data will be sent in short time here and the possibility of UDP packetloss is actually very real when on a home WiFi system).
    This feature will not be available under some 'Sequencer' settings (because it's known to not work with some DAWs MCU implementations).
    Do not use this if you run the app in parallel with hardware controllers. The automatic banking will make all connected control surfaces bank, so you may get a lot of motorfaders rattling around.
    If you run multiple TouchDAW instances, only activate this feature on one of them. Otherwise one instance starting to autobank will trigger the autobanking in the next and things will ultimately deadlock (resp. timeout) and not do what this is supposed to do.