mnet installer

This will:

- put 32 and 64 bit MIDI drivers in place and register them
- install a simple configuration frontend named "MIDIHub"


Windows (
SHA256 of the unzipped mnet_installer.exe:

Application files end up in "Program Files (x86)/np/MIDIHub". Driver dll's are placed in Windows/System32 (resp. SysWOW64).

Uninstallable from Windows' Add / Remove Programs control panel or via uninstaller in program directory

The driver will add network functionality to programs that likely did not have any before. Be prepared to see Windows Firewall warnings when you launch your MIDI program and allow for communication in "Private networks"

System requirements:
Windows 10 or 11 (or theoretically 'Vista and larger'. I'm not testing and supporting older Windows version anymore, though). Installer will set up VC++ Runtime if needed.

Things to note:
  • This is a user-mode WinMM driver built on a rather old 'driver model'. Microsoft might stop to support it any time.
  • The driver is not digitally signed and Windows will show warnings on installation. Code-signing certificates cost serious money that TouchDAW does not make and the NSAs and NSOs of this world have repeatedly shown that the 'security' code-signing is supposed to offer is not really worth a penny. You can compare the SHA256 hash to make sure the installer you downloaded has not been tampered with by some man-in-the-middle [ Howto ]
  • The driver will not be available in UWP programs or software set to use UWP MIDI (some DAWs like Cakewalk and Cubase now have that option)
  • There are programs that refuse to load WinMM drivers (like for example Totalmix). In others ports may appear with an 'emulated' suffix, but will normally work as expected
  • If you have lots of audio / midi stuff installed the installer may fail to find a free installation slot

Please read the documentation for more information on features and usage.


Mirrors changes in TouchDAW 2.2.5:
Proprietary hacks (ADB, Websockets and Bluetooth 2) have been disabled
Local and remote sessions are now run over a common local port
To avoid bi-directional connection attempts (the app's local sessions will be connectable even if it's set to make outbound connections) the autoconnect feature is now delayed a bit.
DNS resolver missed some cache flushes
Removed DNS announcement of remote configuration option
Installer: Fixed a loophole in port alias lookup
Blacklisted Aneman
Raised some installer lookup limits
Updated adb version
Fixes broken adb path

Machine name might get appended to mDNS announced sessionname twice. Fixed.
Fixes possible truncation of RTP latency ping timestamps in 32bit version.

Some changes to the driver's registration, working around changes in Windows 10 v.2004
Manually added channels could get flagged as remote channels, making it impossible to delete them from the UI. Fixed.

New icon, new URL, new install location
Serial IO supports Enttec Open DMX interfaces

Fixes a parameter cast that threw off Davinci Resolve

0.8.8 (Windows)
Changed LED colors (Now: orange - present, green - connected, red - failed or lost).
Changed sysex buffer flag handling that caused problems with RTMidi and programs using it.
Improved cleanup of unconnected clients.
Blacklisted Bandlab Assistant, PowerDVD.

0.8.71 (Windows)
Fixes Websocket URL parsing problem.
Blacklisted MPC-HC.

0.8.7 (Windows)
Updated .NET dependencies. Installer will set up VC++ runtime if needed, but no more .NET framework download should be required.
Fixes possible crash with overly long DNS domain name entries
Blacklisted BlueStacks services, LK- & UBridge. (Windows)
Workaround for html resource loading problem (control panel UI not showing), broken by March 2017 Windows updates. (Windows)
Fixes a pointer length bug that crashed 64bit Traktor.
Blacklisted Audacity and the Lemur Daemon.
Stopped further Mac development.

Supports mDNS on Android Hotspot and tethered Usb networks.
DNS loopback disabled by default (other RTP hosts on the same machine will no longer be listed. If you need that, enable loopback in the preferences)

Better unicode handling
More virtual machine network interfaces skipped
Added options for connecting to access-restricted RTP sessions
Fixes scrolling issues
Faster startup due to removal of Unix gethostname calls (dead-slow on Yosemite...)
Cleanup code moved to startup (Yosemite is oh so async... The CoreMIDI server basically never shuts down)
Fixes a frontend string index error that could occur with overly long device names

Parameter type error that crashed some 64bit programs fixed
Blacklisted Steam
Previous version broke channel renaming, fixed
Some clarification in error messages

OS X: Moved away from Apple's awful CFPreferences
Windows: WebMIDI switch was broken, fixed
Both: Serial MIDI could swallow two byte messages, fixed
Control panel: Some falsely disabled controls in UI now accessible

OS X: Paid the Apple tax, files are now developer ID signed to silence Gatekeeper.

WebSockets accept close calls without data
OS X: Should fix "unknown host" problems that occured with some network configurations

Should play nicer on systems with virtual machine (VMWare,
Windows Phone Emulator, HyperV, Parallels) network interfaces
Control panel: Device names disappeared when hiding multicast channels, fixed

Fixes problems with adb locking DAW config files
Windows: Workaround for shutdown problems with Live 9.

Blacklisted VMWare
(Re)prevents installer from running on XP

Windows: Fixes crashes with Sonar
Bug that could cause hangs with invalid MIDI input on websockets fixed
Control Panel: Display glitch with long or multiline client names fixed

Info page added (ctrl-i)
Bug preventing short sysex input in websocket implementation fixed
Reset option added to preferences page
Workaround for Reaper's unique way of adding input sysex buffers
Glitch in DNS implementation that could result in doubled channels fixed
Global browser / WebMIDI blocking option added
Possible crash cause in service discovery removed

Fixes string buffer overflow with frontend exe blacklist
More processes excluded:

Fixes shutdown problem with Reaper
Blacklisted teamviewer.exe