Setting MIDI connections in the app

TouchDAW has a number of options to make MIDI connections. By default it uses RTP over a WiFi connection and you may want to read the quickstart guide to get that set up before you change anything in the app.

MIDI connections are configured at Setup / MIDI Ports. The app uses two separate connections for its two major parts. These are completely independent of each other and each has its own preference in the setup:

Upon touching either preference you will be presented with a sequence of dialogs. First you select the general transport (like WIFI or Usb), then you can choose from further suboptions for the selected type if any exist. Below is an example for WIFI connections. The principle is the same for other methods. What the separate submenus mean is explained on the manual pages linked above.

Note that only connectivity that is available systemwise will show up here. Some rarely used options are also hidden by default (see Setup / MIDI Ports / MIDI Options / Optional Transports).

Computer side drivers

Before you can receive MIDI wirelessly in a computer side program you will need to install or at least configure a network MIDI driver that transforms what it receives via network connections into standard MIDI of a form that sequencers will understand. TouchDAW aims at using established standards here and at least on OS X it does not require any further installations. However you can not expect to just launch the app and have your DAW magically know it's there immediately. Details are given on the separate manual pages linked above. You will also find links to driver downloads there.