Setting MIDI connections in the app

TouchDAW has a number of options to make MIDI connections. By default it uses RTP over a WiFi connection and you may want to read the quickstart guide to get that set up before you change anything in the app.

MIDI connections are configured at Setup / MIDI Ports. The app uses two separate connections for its two major parts. These are completely independent of each other and each has its own preference in the setup.

Touch a preference and a configuration dialog will launch presenting available MIDI connections grouped by their basic transport characteristics:

The 4 tabs then contain listings of all available MIDI devices that match those groups.

Details for each of these are given on their respective manual page: Transports that are currently unavailable will have their respective tab disabled (like the USB tab in the illustration above).
If a previously selected device is not present the dialog will say so and the app will temporarily revert to its default WiFi settings without changing your preferences.

Tabs with an additional small icon have a long-click option. What these do is explained on the respective transport's manual page.

Note that MIDI connections will only actually be made or changed after you 'OK' the dialog and back out of the app's setup.

MIDI Options