TouchDAW is a full-featured DAW controller combined with some general purpose MIDI tools running on Android™ tablets, handsets and recent Chromebooks. It allows you to remote-control most DAW software as known from standard hardware control surfaces and may also come in handy as a side-controller for keyboards or in situations where you might just need some MIDI source, but happen to not have your keyboard or controller around.

The app was started in 2011 - on a tiny HTC Wildfire running Android 2.1 - out of curiosity for the emerging new computing platform and to serve as a testbed for a network MIDI library that I had just distilled from work done for a large machine-theatre project. Never had I imagined that the project would last as long as it did, but despite my curiosity being more than satisfied, I still find myself investing far more time into it than what I should allow myself to.

TouchDAW works with RTP or multicast MIDI over WiFi. It is directly compatible with Apple's MIDI Network implementation in Mac OS X, Tobias Erichsen's rtpMIDI for Windows as well as ipMIDI on all major desktop OSs. Various types of Usb connectivity are available as well, and you can - with some caveats - also run MIDI over Bluetooth.

User Guides:

Quickstart     Video (YouTube)     Manual

The app is available on Google Play in a full featured paid and a feature-limited / time-restricted free demo version.
Please use the free version to 'try before buy' and test the waters before making that substantial 4 Euro investment.

APKs contain both tablet and phone layouts. As it is pretty much impossible to cram all the functionality of the emulated hardware into a proper phone UI, most recent phones will let you optionally use the tablet layout.

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